24x16,5x6cm Colorful Patterned Box - Yellow-Orange

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Ücretsiz Hızlı Kargo

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Fabrikadan Stoktan Teslim
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  • It is 24*16.5*6cm [Length*Width*Height]; kraft straw corrugated and 300gr. It is produced from corrugated cardboard formed by combining chroma cardboard.
    It is yellow-orange in color.
    Out of the box is cellophane coated.
    The box is waterproof from the outer surface.
    It has a bright appearance.

    Product Deci: 0.8 Ds
    Inch: 9.4*6.5*2.4 Inch.

    Locked Boxes [Cut Boxes]
    They are produced with E Wave corrugated cardboard.
    Its installation is very convenient and practical.
    They contribute to both the protection and relativity of the products.
    They are ideal for e-commerce or packaging the products you produce.
    They are produced by molding in desired sizes and shapes.
    Product packaging is easily done without using duct tape.
    They are produced in KSK-KST-KSMK-KSS-BSB-BSK-BST-BSS-MKSMK-MKST-MKSS-TST-TSS qualities, with a wide variety of papers in different weights.

    This Box is Made of Chrome Cardboard and cannot be compared with the Boxes Produced with Testliner Paper on the Market.
    The difference in price and quality between chrome cardboard and all other papers is at least 100%.
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